Case Counts/Testing in Texas – As of Wednesday, June 25th

Total Tests Performed – 1,630,258

Confirmed Cases – 125,921

Active Cases – 50,774

Hospitalizations – 4,389

Fatalities – 2,249

Recovered Cases – 72,898

Abbott Puts a Pause on Texas’ Reopening

Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday morning that he will pause any further phases of reopening Texas. Abbott’s latest action does nothing to reverse any of the reopening phases he’s already allowed for — meaning that bars, restaurants, malls, bowling alleys and other businesses are still allowed to remain open with some capacity limitations.

Statewide, the number of hospitalizations has reached record highs for a full two weeks, soaring to 4,739 on Thursday morning and tripling since Memorial Day. On Wednesday, there were 1,320 intensive care unit beds and nearly 13,000 available hospital beds, but with regional disparities.

In hard-hit regions, some hospitals have begun moving coronavirus patients from crowded ICUs to other facilities and local leaders have warned that hospitals could get overwhelmed if the number of infections keeps climbing.

In an effort to preserve bed space for the ever-increasing and record breaking number of hospitalized coronavirus patients, Abbott has banned elective surgeries in four counties across Texas. Including the four most populous cities in Texas, the ban is in effect for Travis, Bexar, Dallas, and Harris county.